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Our Energy Advisors will be with you throughout your whole project. We offer outstanding customer service, unparalleled reliability and the highest standards of integrity.

Capture Energy is your reliable choice when building or upgrading to an energy-efficient home. Our team of highly-experienced Certified Energy Advisors can help you with your renovation or new build – no project is too big or too small. Our diverse team brings a rich skillset to ensure your project goes smoothly from the design stage to the construction completion stage. Our friendly staff use top-of-the-line equipment, so that you can be confident you’re receiving quality service. We pride ourselves on integrity, reliability and outstanding customer service, and we have a proven track record of over 4000 completed projects and thousands of satisfied customers that speaks for itself.

If you’re looking for guidance on new home construction and need help with BC Step Code, or if you’re wanting to build a Net Zero, EnergyStar or BuiltGreen home, we can help. We even offer Infrared Thermography Services to help Energy Advisors see beyond what the naked eye can.

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Using infrared, our EAs can see inside the walls. Pretty cool, huh? Sometimes, when a blower door test is run to see the air leakage in a house, an EA can notice an air leak, but can’t see the source of it right away. Using infrared, the EA can spot an otherwise invisible air leak by noticing a stream of cooler air. This makes a potential issue a lot more apparent, as well as a lot easier to fix. Infrared has other benefits, too. It can help you find the source of moisture in your walls. This is particularly useful if mould is found in your home, or if you’ve had problems with water leakage. Because the infrared camera can see beyond the walls, an infrared thermographer can tell you if the moisture in your walls is a result of piping problems (i.e. a leaking or burst pipe) or air leakage issues (because with air leakage comes moisture retention, too). As well, in cases of previous water damage, infrared can be used to determine the extent of the water damage without tearing down large portions of your walls. Infrared’s purpose extends even further: In homes where insulation levels are not uniform throughout, infrared can detect where insulation is lacking, which can help you make the necessary adjustments to have a more evenly insulated and air-sealed home.

With the effects of climate change becoming more evident than ever, the demand for energy-efficient homes is at an all-time high. Better yet, the Federal and Provincial governments have introduced a series of grant and rebate programs to incentivize homeowners to make the switch to better homes during renovations. Working in conjunction with our Energy Advisors, you can create an energy-efficient home that is more comfortable and healthy for you, as well as for the planet.

Home Energy Efficiency Specialists for over 10 years. We service BC’s Lower Mainland from Squamish to Chilliwack, and everywhere in between.

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​​What Do Energy Advisors Do?

Natural Resources Canada Certified Energy Advisors are with you every step of the way during your home building or renovation project. Energy Advisors first input a designer or architect’s plans into Natural Resources Canada’s energy modelling software, Hot2000. Using this software, Energy Advisors can give you recommendations for improving the energy efficiency of your home. Additionally, Energy Advisors can give you multiple possible scenarios to meet various levels of BC Energy Step Code, or other criteria required by your municipality, in a cost-effective way.

As you begin to take steps towards applying for relevant Building Permits, the paperwork can be a headache. Luckily, Energy Advisors are skilled at preparing some of the documents you need to submit for a building permit. These include Report Details Compliance Path, Building Assemblies, Systems, Predicted Energy Consumption (GJ/year), Step Code Compliance, and many other optional certifications.

As you begin to see your project come to life during the building phase, Energy Advisors can work with on-site building crews to ensure your home is sealed to proper air-tightness standards. This can be done through a Pre-Drywall Airtightness Test for Homes (PATH), using a large blower door. The results of the blower door test are recorded, and Compliance Sheets for Insulation Inspection are submitted, if required.

Once your new home is completed, an Energy Advisor will return for one last time to take a final look and complete the final blower door test and record the results. Your Energy Advisor will then create a House Performance Report and provide a copy for a building inspector, if required. Finally, your Energy Advisor will certify your home with Natural Resources Canada and provide you with an Energuide Rating Sticker through Capture Energy’s affiliated service organization.

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We service BC’s Lower Mainland from the Sunshine Coast to Squamish to Chilliwack, and everywhere in between.

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