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HAVAN (Homebuilders Association Vancouver) PODCAST MEASURE TWICE, CUT ONCE releases new episode featuring Capture Energy’s Barb Silverthorn!

Ep 60 – Energy Advisors and High-Performance Homes

IN THIS EPISODE: Mike and Jennifer Lee explore the benefits of working with an Energy Advisor to calculate the building envelope, mechanical systems and airtightness of your custom build or renovation to help provide choice, manage budgets, and above all, increase the comfort of your home. A performance-based process, tune in for tips from Barb Silverthorn of Capture Energy.

Download and listen today – EPISODE #60: Energy Advisors

‘If we can make the energy model work with double pane windows versus triple pane windows, that’s an enormous savings to the cost of that build. And that money then can be put towards other aspects. Same thing if we increase the insulation, that cost can be more than offset by reducing the size of the HVAC system, which will be a lower cost for that smaller system. …We actually help manage your budget and put that money to the best use.’
– Barb Silverthorn, Capture Energy

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