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scott silverthorn natural resources canada certified energy advisor

Scott Silverthorn

Owner, Certified Energy Advisor and EA Team Lead

Scott began his Energy Advising journey over 15 years ago in Ontario. In fact, he moved to BC to open a satellite office for the Service Organization Energuy, which he operated for 2 years before he founded and began operations as Capture Energy. By that point, Scott was already a Natural Resources Canada Certified Energy Advisor with a successful track record as a self-employed contractor. He expanded his accreditations over the years by becoming a Certified Green Builder through BuiltGreen Canada, a Certified Multi-Unit Residential Buildings Energy Advisor, and an EnergyStar Certified Energy Advisor. He is knowledgeable about BC Building Code standards, Building Envelope, Ventilation and Forced Air Guidelines and New Energy Provisions, among other things. 

Scott loves working with architects, designers, builders, tradespeople and homeowners to collaboratively conceptualize, design and test homes in a way that maximizes energy efficiency. As the Team Leader at Capture Energy, he is now working with the latest hires to familiarize and train them to the highest standards of Energy Advising. His work in his field speaks for itself: Scott has saved his over 4000 clients lots of energy and money.

When he’s not modelling energy efficiency improvements or conducting blower door tests, Scott enjoys painting and working on conceptual art.

Scott's Qualifications

Scott Silverthorn has 12 full-time years of experience in the housing sector as a Natural Resources Canada Certified (NRCan) Energy Auditor (EA). In the past 12 years, he has completed and submitted over 3,000 Home Energy Audits in Ontario and British Columbia. He is NRCan certified as an Existing Home Energy Advisor (EA) since 2007 and an NRCan Certified New Home Energy Advisor since 2012. In addition to his NRCan certifications, he is a certified Green Builder (March 2012, BuiltGreen Canada). He has been a Certified Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (MURB) Energy Advisor since June 2015.

He is also an EnergyStar Certified Energy Advisor (2016, City Green Solutions). After working for several years as a self-employed contractor, he worked as an NRCan Existing Home Certified Energy Advisor (EA) for four years (2007 to 2010). He opened a West Coast office for the service organization Energuy, and operated as a satellite office for two years. In 2013 Scott started doing business as Capture Energy.

During his tenure with the housing sector, Scott has constantly updated his knowledge base through independent research into current practices and by networking with industry professionals. He is a member of the HAVAN (Homebuilders Association Vancouver), and the Canadian Alliance of Certified Energy Advisors (CACEA) and meets monthly with five local independent Energy Advisors to share knowledge and industry updates. Scott is continually upgrading his understanding of building practices and energy-efficient homes, as is reflected by the many courses and certifications he has successfully completed since 2012:

  • 120 A Understanding and Working with PHPP Passive House Canada
  • 120 B/C Preparation for Passive House Designer/Consultant Exam Passive House Canada
  • Building Better Buildings: The Energy Step Code (HPO)
  • Certified Net Zero Energy Advisor (CHBA)
  • Passive House Tradesperson Course (CHBA)
  • Homeowner Protection Office 2017 Building Envelope Laboratory Course
  • BCIT 2016 Building Envelope Performance Course
  • BCIT 2016 Roof Assemblies Best Practices
  • Homeowner Protection Office 2016 Certified EnergyStar Advisor
  • City Green Solutions 2016 Certified Energy Advisor MURB Certification
  • City Green Solutions 2015 Hydronic Systems Designs Course
  • BCIT 2015 Ventilation Guidelines for the 2012 BC Building Code
  • TECA 2015 Forced Air Guidelines for the 2012 BC Building Code
  • TECA 2014 New Energy Provisions – BC Building Code
  • Homeowner Protection Office 2014 Building Smart #20: Soils, Excavation & Assemblies
  • Homeowner Protection Office 2014 Framing a House – Basics to Best Practices
  • Homeowner Protection Office 2013 Certified Energy Advisor New Homes Certification
  • CHBABC 2012 Built GreenTM BC Builder Training Workshop
  • CHBABC 2012 Certified Energy Advisor Existing Homes Certification
barb silverthorn

Barb Silverthorn

Owner, Head of Operations, Infrared Thermographer

Along with Scott, Barbara is the founder and owner of Capture Energy. Her extensive experience in team leading and corporate growth development enable her to carry out all of Capture Energy’s managerial and administrative duties. For over 20 years, she has effectively ensured success for an array of dynamic businesses with varied operational objectives. In addition to her management skills, Barb has completed her Level 1 Infrared Thermographer training. With this certification, Barb is able to identify sources of air leakage, such as missing insulation patches, moisture penetration and thermal bridging.

For Barb, Capture Energy’s core pillars of reliability, integrity and knowledgeability are more than words – they are a commitment she’s made to over 4000 satisfied clients. She takes pride in ensuring friendly customer service and quality assessments. 

Though her Capture Energy duties take up the bulk of her time, Barb still finds time to travel, cook, and explore the trails of the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Ram Saha

Modeller and Energy Advisor in Training

When Ram joined Capture Energy in 2020, he brought with him a wealth of experience from his career as a mechanical engineer in the Department of Environment in Bangladesh. His work there focused on creating sustainable air quality standards while reducing pollution, which inspired him to look for environmentally-friendly positions in Canada. Prior to coming to Canada, Ram worked as an instructor in the Marine Institute in Bangladesh.

Upon arriving in Canada, Ram worked at Avigilon as a Systems Assembler assembling, programming and quality-testing electro-mechanical parts. He then moved to Capture Energy to work as an energy modeller, and is now training to become an Energy Advisor. He hopes to combine his engineering experience with his passion for sustainability while improving energy efficiency for his clients in renovations and new builds. 

In his spare time, Ram enjoys playing badminton and soccer, as well as supporting FC Barcelona and the Argentine National Team in tournaments.

Natasa Micovic

Marketing Manager and Energy Advisor in Training

A recent UBC graduate and born Vancouverite, Natasa has had an interest in sustainable building since she took her first forestry course in 2016. Since then, she has worked on stakeholder analysis and engagement on various projects in different municipal and federal governmental bodies. 

As an Energy Advisor, Natasa hopes to contribute a tangible benefit to her clients’ home comfort levels and their wallets, as well as to a greener planet. She enjoys working with builders, homeowners and designers to craft unique solutions to challenging energy efficiency problems. As Marketing Manager, Natasa applies her affinity for writing and public speaking to Capture Energy’s business plan implementation. 

In her spare time, Natasa enjoys spending time with her cat, making ceramics and putting her diploma as a Chocolatier to use. Once a week, she teaches Electronic Music Production and DJing to underprivileged elementary and high school students.

Steven Cologne

Energy Advisor in Training

A newer member, Steven brings a number of background skills to the Energy Advisor role in the company. His passion for helping people towards their performance aims, whether it be physical fitness, dog training, or dancing, led him to consider and pursue a career in Energy Advising. Steven brings a strong background in other customer advisory roles, including as a representative of Mountain Equipment Co-op. With a bonus of construction experience, and simply an interest in crunching numbers, he is a welcome advocate for homeowners, builders, designers and architects, as well as the Capture Energy team.

Though he rarely gets the time for it anymore, Steven has a degree in music. He is an avid runner, having completed an ultra-marathon and an Ironman.

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